Joining Forces - Companies that show a commitment to military personnel and their families

Joining Forces, “a national initiative that mobilizes all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned” has been in the news a lot lately. I posted recently about job fairs that they held in a couple US cities, as well as a virtual job fair. A long list of companies have pledged to hire or train unemployed veterans and their spouses over the next 12 months, but while looking through the list of companies here, I noticed that many of the companies pledging to employ military spouses are work-at-home, entry-level or portable jobs.


Take a look (taken from this page):

21st Century Jobs for America’s Military Spouses: A group of forward-looking businesses launched an ambitious effort to employ 15,000 military spouses and veterans in flexible and portable jobs. These 11 companies and their commitments include:

  • Alpine Access, which employs approximately 5,000 home-based customer service and technical support representatives in over 1,800 U.S. cities and communities, has pledged to recruit, train, and hire more than 3,000 ‘military attached’ Americans over the next two years, tripling the number that are currently employed by the company. In addition, Alpine Access is also announcing that it will soon be launching TalentSprout (, a new division of the Company that will provide an online social learning portal with skill-building and job training curriculum to help American workers succeed in the new knowledge economy. As a first phase of TalentSprout’s invite-only beta launch, the career and personal development courses will be offered free-of-charge to qualified members of the Armed Forces (active duty, reserves, retired, or veteran) and to their eligible spouses and caregivers, providing them with a fast-track path to securing job opportunities offered through Alpine Access and other sponsors of the Joining Forces initiative.
  • Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. — already has thousands of veterans and military spouses within its current network of 25,000 Client Support Professionals providing customer service, sales and technical support. Arise’s goal is to add 10,000 new independent business and client services professionals from military families over the next several years. Arise plans to develop special programs to create awareness among military spouses and veterans.
  • DialAmerica — DialAmerica is committed to increasing the number of its military-affiliated employees to make up 20 percent of its workforce by 2014. By making military-affiliated employees the cornerstone of its talent acquisition strategy, DialAmerica gains highly qualified and motivated employees that are prepared for the 21st century workplace. In return, DialAmerica provides military families with financial security and support through family friendly scheduling, maintaining service accrual records, a seamless transfer from one contact center to another in the event of relocation, as well as extensive training and immense growth opportunities from agents to supervisors.
  • Etech Global Services — Etech will commit to hiring a minimum of 200 military spouses and veterans in next 2 years. For more than a decade, Etech has been a pioneer of introducing and supporting innovative business solutions, including the use of web chat services.
  • Hilton Worldwide — Hilton Worldwide employs nearly 800 service men and women at their hotels and offices around the globe. In partnership with Recruit Military and other community-based organizations, they are pledging another 3.5 percent of their Hilton@Home call center positions to military spouses through 2014. The Hilton@Home program is part of Hilton Worldwide’s global sales & customer service network, provides 24-hour assistance to their guests, handles more than 34 million calls annually and is highly regarded for its flexible, home-based career opportunities. Additionally, the program offers benefits enjoyed by all Hilton Worldwide employees including a 401(k) savings plan, paid time off, hotel discounts globally and more.
  • Prosperity America –- was founded in 2009 with the specific dual mission of returning call center jobs to America and providing employment to veterans, active duty dependents and the community that supports Fort Benning, Georgia. Since its inception, they have been successful in returning over 100 jobs from overseas and providing employment to over 50 veterans. Prosperity America, Inc. is planning to hire 50 more veterans and military spouses over the next 2 years.
  • Quality Contact Solutions — a women owned business, is creating as many as 150 work-at-home business-to-business marketing and communication jobs for military spouses over the next 2 years. These jobs will be in the healthcare and telecommunications industries.
  • Agility Marketing — a multi-channel customer relationship management contact center is making the move to employ at-home agents and is committed to adding 100 jobs for military spouses and veterans over the next 2 years.
  • QCSS Inc. — a Chicago-based Call Center and marketing firm is ensuring that a minimum of 10% of the forecasted 200 new hires from now through 2014 will be veterans and their families.
  • SP Data, a provider of contact center solutions and social media services to Fortune 1000 companies, is committing to adding more than 150 jobs for military spouses and veterans over the next 2 years.
  • Veteran Call Center, LLC — has set a goal of creating an additional 1,000 jobs for military spouses and veterans over the next 2 years—at least 500 per year. VCC was formed to promote the financial well-being and economic independence of US Service Veterans, primarily those with physically debilitating injuries and to utilize the leadership, discipline and skills engrained by their training and service 

Are these the kinds of jobs that you’re looking for?  Yes, if your family has to move every 3-5 years, a portable or work-from-home job might be a good idea, but what about spouses who want something different?

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Joining Forces- Companies that show a commitment to military personnel and their families via @milspousemi
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