Who We Are

We are a group of Military Spouses and family members in Michigan dedicated to building a network of support and services.

As Military spouses and family members ourselves, we know that our community is scattered throughout the state of Michigan. With no strong active duty base in our state, family members feel isolated, alone, and lack the Family Readiness Group resources available to family members stationed on active duty bases.


Membership is free and open to all spouses, partners, and family members of active, reserve, IRR, or retired/contracting military, particularly but not limited to those who are currently or have recently served in support of the conflict operations. Membership is required to view or post to the forums or engage with services or support activities, and the Board reserves the right to screen individuals, to ensure the protection and privacy of our members.


Current Co-Directors


Jocelyn Benson, President & Founding Member

Jocelyn the Dean of the Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, Michigan. She holds a law degree from Harvard Law School, a Masters in Philosophy from Oxford University, UK, and a BA from Wellesley College.

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Ariana Bostian-Kentes, Vice-President & Founding Member

Ariana is the partner of an Army service-member. She currently serves as the President of the Military Partners and Families Coalition (MPFC), a non-profit organization founded in 2011 that provides support, resources, education and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender military partners and their families.

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Tracy Wharton, Treasurer & Founding Member

Tracy is the daughter of a Retired Army Colonel who currently works as a contractor for MPRI in Afghanistan, and sister of several active-duty Army officers and an active-duty Navy corpsman who have all served several tours in furtherance of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. She holds a PhD in Social Work from the University of Alabama, a Masters of Social Welfare from Oxford University, a Masters of Psychology from Cambridge College, and is a licensed social worker in AL and MA.

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Elizabeth Snell, Secretary & Founding Member

Elizabeth Snell is a Marine wife of ten years and a mother of two. Through Elizabeth’s husbands military career she has volunteered within the Family Readiness Program, Lifestyles Insights Networking Knowledge Skills, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, the American Red Cross and Blue Star Families. Elizabeth most recently worked as the Regional Service to the Armed Forces and Volunteer Coordinator for the Southeastern Michigan chapter of the American Red Cross and is currently promoting legislation in Michigan that would ease the burden of career transferability of military spouses moving into the state. Elizabeth sits on the Board of Directors for Military Spouses of Michigan and is the Chapter Director of Blue Star Families, Camp Pendleton. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from American InterContinental University and is currently attending Western Governor’s University to obtain a M.B.A in Strategic Management and Leadership.

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Megan Greenwald-Yarnell, Communications Director & Founding Member

Megan is a neuroscientist and an Air Force wife of nearly five years.  She has a Bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH) and a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan.  She is currently completing her Neuroscience doctorate at the University of Michigan.

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Ivy Marie Hurt, Founding Member (At Large)

Ivy is a military spouse and a recent graduate of Wayne State University Law School. Her husband and brother are active-duty service members of the United States Armed Forces.

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Military Spouses of Michigan
We are a group of military spouses and family members dedicated to building a network of support and services to the brave and courageous spouses of those in service here in Michigan. Our promise? You are not alone.